• 15M

  • 30M

  • 60M

  • Coins*1026、Vodka Casks*5


  • Epic Keys*3、Hypercars*5


  • 1st Limited Frame



Lottery Tickets remaining: 0

Personal Milestone: 0

300 to open


Event Rules

1. Complete missions to earn Lottery Tickets to play the lottery. 
2. Each draw grants one type of reward (New Epic Skin *1, Golden Key *8) or Charisma. The draw rate is 100%. 
3. Each player can get 2 Lottery Tickets after signing in for the web event every day. 
4. During the event, you can share a link with friends. If one of them taps your link and logs into the web successfully, you get 1 assist. (Each account can share up to 3 times per person per day and can be assisted up to 2 times per day. Lottery Tickets earned from performing assists will be automatically added to the corresponding accounts without the need for manual collection.) 
5. Personal Milestones: During the event, rewards will be available when your personal Charisma reaches tiers 1-7. 
6. Server-wide Milestones: During the event, server-wide rewards will be available when all players' Charisma reaches the thresholds. The rewards will be sent after the event. 
7. During the event, sharing with friends 5 and 10 times will grant 2 and 5 extra Lottery Tickets respectively. 

Personal Milestone

Stage 1    Epic Key*1

Stage 2    Epic Key*1+ Jr. Violet(1d)

Stage 3    Legendary Key*1+Soundsystem*1

Stage 4    Epic Key*1+ Glitter Dance(1d)

Stage 5    Epic Key*1+ Orange Alert(1d)

Stage 6    Limited Emoji*1+Legendary Key*2

Stage 7  Epic Key*1+ Ms.Azul(1d)

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